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2 January 2017

Forcit opens up a new storage depot for explosives in early 2017 in order to improve customer service in the Stockholm region. In late 2016 we finally got the required permits for establishing a storage depot for explosives. The difficulties with getting project specific storing of explosives approved have resulted in a demand for a storage depot in the area.

The new storage depot has a significant impact on Forcits customer service across the region, as the storage depot in Bro enables daily deliveries to projects.

The assortment at the storage depot consists of products that are needed at nearby projects.

Mikael Dahl is in charge of the operations and Markus Andersson manages the deliveries.

We welcome current as well as new customers to utilize our new storage depot for pick-ups and deliveries. Orders by phone: +(47) 587-109 99 or +(47) 72-200 03 05.


 Forcit storage depot of explosives in Bro